Ten Awesome Websites- August 26 Web Design Reviews

There seems to be a confusion whether a good website is that with an exquisite visual design, with a great purpose, or the one with an incredible content. This is perhaps the reason why it is recommended for a web designer to have a good open communication with the other people behind the website’s creation. For instance, before deciding Continue reading “Ten Awesome Websites- August 26 Web Design Reviews”

10 Web Design Reviews for August 25/2016

Many people have a lot to say when it comes to web design. Some say one website is great while some say otherwise, but in the end, we all have our personal preferences regarding what design is best and what’s not. This is what makes designing a website stressful. The designers will not be hundred percent sure that all the target audience like the design, not to mention not all visitors of the site are the target market.

Hence, following a design that is neutral to all types of the audience seems ideal. Let’s go check out these ten websites Continue reading “10 Web Design Reviews for August 25/2016”

Ten Website Designs- August 24 Review

Have you had any experience wherein the site you visited is quite difficult to navigate? This is a perfect example of a poorly-crafted web design. Creating a website isn’t just about the visual appeal of the site; it is the outstanding ability to create a design that improves the users’ experience while making a remarkable branding through its stunning layout and content.

Let’s see if these ten websites Continue reading “Ten Website Designs- August 24 Review”

August 23- Ten Web Design Reviews

The key to a successful web design is to ensure that every nook and corner of the site is relevant and useful to the users. It should be devoid of any unnecessary feature that will only lead to confusion instead of information.

Below are ten random-picked websites Continue reading “August 23- Ten Web Design Reviews”

August 20 Web Design Reviews (10 Websites)

There are certain principles and guidelines that you must follow when designing a website. You have to make sure that the design you choose improves the overall user experience and not the other way around. Of course, you also have to bear in mind the purpose of your website– is it a shop, a blog, or a sharing site? Continue reading “August 20 Web Design Reviews (10 Websites)”

Ten Website Designs- August 19 Reviews

A lot of people are asking why is web design so important? What makes it so special? Isn’t it just some kind of art wherein you choose the template, colors, and style for a website? Well, that’s not even close. Web design is more than just garnishing your site to make it look attractive; it also involves market research and understanding your target viewers, not to mention the extra time you need to exert just to perfect those codes.

Today, let’s take a trip on the list below and review Continue reading “Ten Website Designs- August 19 Reviews”

Ten Web Design Reviews (August 18)

Web design is one of the most challenging parts of building a website. Not only does it include making the site appealing to the viewers, but it is also a strategic move to give them a preview of what your website is about. Hence, more and more website owners are more adamant in looking for fresh and awesome web designs. In this article, Continue reading “Ten Web Design Reviews (August 18)”

August 15—10 Web Design Reviews

More and more websites get live each day. With the rise of fresh sites come the different trends and approach in web design. This time, we are going to check out 10 sites and talk about the kind of web design they chose to have. They could give you some hints on how to build your next site or how to improve your existing one: Continue reading “August 15—10 Web Design Reviews”

August 11, 2016: Newest PH Products Today

Day by day, new products come to the market to make the lives of people from all walks of life easier. I personally am into hunting the newest products around, and knowing them never ceases to fascinate me. Let’s see the new Product Hunt products that are relevant to the needs of today’s broad market. The products featured below come in various categories and are not specified to a single niche. They’re listed for the sake of sharing the newest products on the trend that you can also try out. Continue reading “August 11, 2016: Newest PH Products Today”