Tumblr is for sharing. It is one of the biggest, baddest blogging platforms out there; and as many people know, copying is the best form of flattery. So steal some of these awesome Tumblr-inspired themes for your own and your reader’s enjoyment. Tumblr-icize away.


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If words are your thing, Memoir is your Tumblr-inspired theme. Sometimes the writing needs to do the talking. And this theme puts your writing front and center. When clean and clear writing is on a simple white page, it can be very enlightening and eye-opening.

If the words are good enough, you don’t need anything more than crisp whiteness behind it.

Some color options are available; but they are limited on purpose. Who wants to read fluorescent pink words on blue paper? The lack of color options here are actually a good thing. The less color, the more serious the material is supposed to be taken.

This is not to say that you can’t have comical or creative writing through a WordPress page. Of course not. But some specific writing simply needs to be presented in the most benign manner possible – so it can garner the greatest amount of respect and attention.

Why you should check it out:

  • Light and dark are the color options

  • You can change the color options whenever you need to

  • Mobile-friendly layout options that help you size your page for easy viewing

  • Easily interactive buttons and pages – intuitive design

  • Language translation capabilities

  • Widgets can be installed

  • Social media buttons are available for inclusion


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Simple wins again. Skilt is a travel-inspired theme and could be used by writers, photographers, artists, basically anyone who wishes to share their journey with others.

Skilt is super customizable of course. And lets you share both writing and images in a variety of layouts. If you are a hiker, share your trek through the mountains, complete with pics and sentiments expressed along the way.

How about that glacial climb? Share it with breath-taking photos. More of a bird-watcher? Pop up some close-up shots and a few poems you composed, and your page suddenly stands out from the rest of them.

Why you should check it out:

  • Multiple options are available for choosing your background images – for either pages or for individual posts

  • Layouts are simple to install

  • Layouts are simple to change when desired

  • CSS3 is a feature for your posts and backgrounds

Old CarOldCar-Thumblr-Theme-1024x549

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Go retro or go home. Old Car is both retro and modern template at the same time – which is really the only way to go. With a retro layout, OldCar still offers a pristine retina-ready display support and has HTML5 and CSS3 built in.

Of course, if a car blog is your thing, you can’t really go wrong with choosing the Old Car theme. But you don’t need to limit yourself to this topic if you wish to utilize this theme. You could use it for a variety of topics that you might wish to put a retro spin on. Think of the possibilities that abound for these font choices and for the straight lines and clear and clean layout.

Why you should check it out:

  • Two different layouts are available

  • Layouts can be changed when you want or need them to be

  • Color schemes galore are available

  • Google web fonts

  • Translation is available


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Keeping with the simple yet totally awesome theme for your WordPress page, we take a look at Gridlocked. As the name implies, your material is conveniently organized into grids on the pages. This simple design lets you choose the order and offers a variety of animations to go along with how your images will change on each of your pages.

Rearrange those images each day if so desired. Or keep them as they are forever. The customization panel through Gridlocked lets you change them without any problem. Organize them, theme them and explain them in whatever way you deem necessary. The clear grid will keep your readers engaged and interested in what you have to say.

Why you should check it out:

  • Conveniently accessed dashboard for changing page specifics

  • Dark color options

  • Light color options

  • Audio features

  • Video can be added

  • Images

  • Galleries – slide capabilities to showcase images

  • Quotes

  • Widgets – Twitter and Flickr


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Dulce is for writers too. Whatever your needs are for posting information, Dulce can offer you a design that you are sure to be pleased with. If your writing style needs to be presented in a different way, choose a different way to post it.

Choose one of the seven posting types to make your blogging statements stand out more. Add video from different sources to help increase your viewership and readership and connect with other blogs.

Why you should check it out:

  • Different posting types are available – seven of them

  • Four color choices to choose from

  • Option to embed video – also embed it from outside sources

  • Lightbox effect – aides in overall visual improvement between words and pictures

  • Options are available for additional changes to the theme – without any need to write code yourself to make these changes

  • Nest comments functioning – which changes your discussion area for the better


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Need we have to say how de-cluttering helps yet again? Take away stuff and voila, there it is. The clean look of a WordPress page stems from having only the most important stuff on there, and only having that super important stuff positioned perfectly using an awesome Tumble-inspired theme.

Memo offers you clean lines and excellent user-friendly controls. It is a perfect choice for someone to start blogging on a small scale. This simple theme offers the blogger the most important aspects to make a perfect presentation of their material.

Why you should check it out:

  • Shortcode generator – allowing for easy creation of buttons, toggles, tabs, columns and alerts on your pages

  • Choose a color, any color – customize your pages with color and lots of other ways too

  • Supports .po or .mo files