It,s pretty simple to say I love you in a twisted funny way. It may not just sound weirdly adorable way but can crack up your partner and make him/her laugh.Every couple has a different brand of romance, and it is often not always the sappy phrases from a best-selling romance novel that does the trick.Learn how to say those world in a funny, unpredictable manner that will always leave your partner in stitches.Here are top creative and funny ideas you should try:

All things Become Better with Bacon.
Not everybody loves bacon, but at least a person must have his or her favorite. Express how much you love him/her through a bacon, hot sauce or chocolate reference. Make sure you choose the exact personal favourite.Say to him/her “You are like bacon, you make everything better” or ” You are a smart cookie, romantic, a brilliant pancake or a wise chocolate.

Get creepy
Tell her something that sheepishly stupid but also romantic.For instance “I love you so much I have got a picture of your face inside my undies “,”Even during a Zombie Apocalypse I’d still chew you” Believe me they will always remember the cool stupid stuff you said.

Technology Love
Show him/her you really care in a language that they understand.You can even express it in a computer language for example “my love for you is binary: 010010010010000001101100011011110111011” or use beautiful emojis that will knock her off her feet.

End of the world
It’s a proven better way to express your love. It’s pretty romantic holding each other when the world is going down in flames ” I love you until am the last person standing on Earth” is an excellent way to start off.

Try the Dinosaur Talk
It’s a cute way to tell her I love you and get a beautiful laughter from her.Mimic the dinosaur expression of love “RAWWWR” which basically mean I love you in dinosaur language.