There seems to be a confusion whether a good website is that with an exquisite visual design, with a great purpose, or the one with an incredible content. This is perhaps the reason why it is recommended for a web designer to have a good open communication with the other people behind the website’s creation. For instance, before deciding on a template and layout for the site, a web designer must at least have an idea as to what kind of contents are to be displayed. Of course, the purpose of the site also affects the content.

Today, let’s discuss the strengths and weaknesses of these ten websites while bearing in mind the content and purpose of the site.

Description: This site is very helpful for people who have their own website. They can have an on-page SEO optimization to help their website rank higher in search results.

Color Pallet: The color pallet of the site is the usual colors used in most webistes like white, blue, and gray, but how the blue color is positioned on the page is an excellent job.

Typography: The way the texts are arranged speaks so much as to what the site wants the user to focus– their services.

Icons: There isn’t any icon found on the page, but it didn’t make the site any less.

UI/UX: What makes this site stands out is it’s typography. Since it is a site that offers optimization services, they specifically displayed what their site offers and some calls to action button to encourage the visitors to do something.

Description: Lydia is a payment app that helps you pay your bills through your card.

Color Pallet: White and blue are the two dominant colors used. The black background at the lower part of the page emphasizes the white texts.

Typography: The texts are very minimal and contribute very little to help visitors understand more about the app.

Icons: The help icon is a great addition to assist the site visitors and resolve any issue they might have encountered.

UI/UX: The site is very responsive and loads fine. Maybe a litttle more information as to what the app can do would be helpful.

Description: Mondly is the perfect site for people who love to learn a new language in a fun way. The Mondly app offers adaptive lessons and a new chatbot for more intercative learning.

Color Pallet: There colors are varied, but the dominant one is the orange color which adds warmth to the entire page.

Typography: Lato, Helvetica, Arial, and Sans-serif typefaces are used, but they didn’t make a big difference to make the site extra appealing.

Icons: Mondly’s app features are introduced with their equivalent icons. This helps the app users to be familiar with the features that they can use.

UI/UX: The whole site is very helpful in explaining the content of the app. They explain the new features along with what makes the app better than other language apps out there.

Description: Sweatcoin has taken the motivation to get fit to a high, new level. You can now convert your movements into a real currency! However, it is available in the UK and US only.

Color Pallet: The navy blue color is great, but putting it in a way that the color hue changes as you scroll down is just amazing!

Typography: The text arrangement is great, and the font styles stand out in white color.

Icons: Social media icons are found at the bottom of the page. These are the Faceook and Twitter icons.

UI/UX: The interface is user-friendly, the user experience is also great. The only aspect that can still be improved is the picture integration. May be much bigger images would balance the amount of texts on the page.


Description: Intellifluence is the ultimate app for brand owners looking for influencers to help them promote their brand. This is the site where brand owners and influencers meet and start the campaign together.

Color Pallet: The oranged-colored buttons and icons catch the visitors’ attention immediately.

Typography: The Monserrat and Sans-serif fonts used in the header are very strategic. The first block of texts on a site should be relevant and informative as this is what search engines used to calculate and rank you site in search results.

Icons: The icons are used to introduce why brands love the site’s services. It is indeed a great concept for a web design.

UI/UX: The entire interface is outstanding. The information displayed are really useful, as well as the text arrangement.

Description: This site features different trending stories from people around the globe.

Color Pallet: The only prominent color aside from the images is indigo. The color feels a little bit weak, though.

Typography: You couldn’t have missed anything on the page as all the texts are clearly visible and readable.

Icons: There are social media icons of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

UI/UX: The featured stories for the day are displayed. It makes the visitors’ search for new stories on the site easier. However, the fact that the page cannot be scroll down leaves the users hanging.

Description: Inzite offers people the chance to listen to experts’ advice in the marketing field.

Color Pallet: The blue and white combination is nothing special. What makes the page stands out is the positions and areas in which the colors are used.

Typography: This is perhaps the waterloo of the site. Most of the texts are in a small size, making it diffcult to read.

Icons: The icons are in minimalist form, but they are overall helpful in making the site’s navigation smooth and easy.

UI/UX: Except for the texts size which is a downer, the user experience is excellent, in general.

Description: This is a site that explores every aspect that concerns business. If you are a business enthusiast, then this site is for you.

Color Pallet: The orange background color isn’t too harsh on the eyes.

Typography: The written texts are great. The typefaces are Museo-sans, Helvetica neue, and Sans-serif.

Icons: There is a menu icon that opens to aditional information.

UI/UX: The whole user experience is fine, but some parts of the site have a lot of white space that can be utilized to a more relevant web content.

Description: This site is genuinely for people who are interested in video messaging. It’s the main highlight is that you can share your video to your favorite people including celebrities!

Color Pallet: Its main background is white, but the orange accent makes the whole page lively and playful.

Typography: The Roboto and Sans-serif typefaces look elegant and tidy. Although there are some texts that are a little bit small.

Icons: Since the site is a community where people share videos and pictures, the create, watch, participate, and share icons are emphasized.

UI/UX: Kwickie has an impressive interface. The balance between the texts, images, color pallet, and even the video displayed is just perfect.

Description: Are you a music lover? If yes, then this site is for you. You can find your favorite music and even connect to your favorite artist.

Color Pallet: The color pallet of the site is a burst of color, but the dominant one is orange which is used in the site’s header image.

Typography: The texts are kept at a minimal, but they are somehow enough for the visitors to understand what the site is for.

Icons: There isn’t any special icon littered on the page.

UI/UX: The user experience is spectacular. The arrangement of the elements enhances the overall interface. The top trending songs are also displayed, and you can listen to them for free!